When you are in the business of looking for a commercial air compressor, there are certain things you must look for to ensure you are getting the highest quality Air Compressors.

Since 1984 our company has been selling Quincy air compressor products in Arizona. Doing business on the national as well as international levels, Compressed Oil Power provides services from oil filters large turn-key engineering products.

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Compressed Air

Compressed air is sometimes referred to as a fourth utility; air cannot exist unless there is also water present, in both forms of liquid or vapor. Doesn’t matter what the season, water must always be present. The amount of moisture is determined by the temperature and pressure.

The pressure levels of compressed air must be much more than the atmospheric pressure, (which is 14.7 psia). Without any control over the quantity of water vapor that is available unless the water is cooled. As long as the air remains heated, the compression process ability to hold moisture will increase. Therefore, the compressed air dryer take out the moisture that has built up in the compressed air by cooling the temperature of the air to a level that is near the saturated amounts which results in the moisture’s condensation of the air.

Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer

Refrigerated compressed air dryers are the most popular, due to being simple in design, require very little upkeep, and are not very costly. If you are in the market for a air dryer with very little special needs, this is the air dryer you should buy; because, if you purchase one that is of good quality, have it installed correctly, it will last a long time and pretty much be “set and forget”.

So, how does your refrigerated compressed air dryer work? Just as its names describes it, it works as a refrigerator does by cooling down the warm air that goes into the dryer (to around 3 degrees Celsius). The water vapors formerly in the air will then condense into water, something called a “water-trap” will then remove the liquid water from the compressed air.

Afterwards, the cooler air is re-heated back to room temperature, which makes the air much more dryer.

This cooling process is much the same as the way a basic refrigerator and freezer works. The liquid refrigerant is evaporated in the evaporator, which is in a separate circuit, which cools down of the warm compressed air; hence, the air is cooled as the refrigerant is warmed. Compressing the refrigerant with a small compressor to cool it again in the condenser.